Robert Vance comes from a little town in western New York. A self-taught veteran of the music business, Rob has played in bands having various styles of music since he was a teenager. From country and southern rock to the rock n' roll of the 70s, the coming of MTV to the alternative of the 80s and 90s as well as the music of today. His original music is a reflection of his well-rounded background. His first influence in music was in the 60s when he listened to records and watched the Beatles movies on television at the age of five with the older kids in the house. He started playing drums in high school and then learned the guitar and bass; he also plays a bit of boogie-woogie style piano. In the early 90's, Rob played in a gospel band. It was televised each week where he might be seen on bass one week, guitar on another and occassionally on drums. RV: "I have always wanted to play different instruments. I really admire guys like Paul McCartney and Adrian Belew because they sing and play many instruments while possessing the ability to record and produce themselves as well." From early 2003 to late 2005 Rob had been playing about 90 to 140 shows a year. Mostly with Coyote Joe, and Antyx, but has performed occasionally with bands like Baker/Brown, Torn Curtain, and Big Brother Bob. He also does solo acoustic guitar shows on a regular basis, a project that kicked off in Jan '03. In 2004 and 2005 Rob was gigging with up to five different bands since Coyote Joe had gone into hiatus. The bands Antyx, Loco, Descriptive Claim, Ridge Runners, and The Rob Vance Band (formerly The Lake Erie Monsters) played regularly from 2004 to 2005 as well as his solo act. He has been involved with the Warner and Roadhouse Theatres, playing bass in the play Honky Tonk Angels at the Warner Theater, and also played in the rock opera Sammy. He played in both the original Sammy at Kings Rook club in 1988 and in 2002 at the Roadhouse Theater, as well as other projects with Erie's own Rick DiBello. RV: "I love my job", and decided to get even more involved with his music in Jan '03 on a full-time basis which has, among other things, included writing more original music and digital recording. In 2006 he was downsizing doing not so many solo shows, gigging with Antyx occasionally, collaborating with and recording local songwriter Tom Bickel, and mostly busy with his band Easy Street. Now in 2007, EasyStreet is in hiatus, he is doing just a few Antyx/solo shows and alot more songwriting and recording. It's 2008 and Rob is in an acoustic duet with Suzi B of Franklin, PA and still writing/recording. 2009-2012 more writing/recording Easy Street got back together in August of 2012 with some changes in the line-up....Rob-vocals/guitars/banjo, Katie Kurpiewski-vocals/acoustic guitar, Ken Walters-guitar/vocals, Steph Stanford-drums/vocals, Mike Bidwell-bass. New changes to Easy Street in 2014...Tony Flaminio is on guitar, mandolin, dobro and fiddle and vocals and Johnny Hamrick is on bass. Things are on the move...Stay tuned.

Rob's history of bands

1978-82 Adreas: Rob-bass/vocals, Ken Walters-guitar/vocals, Harry Houle-guitar/vocals, Bob Gilbert-drums Rob took a break from 1980-82 for college to study electronics and computer technology. After graduating college, he got back together with his high school friends/bandmates and played covers and orginals locally in Western NY. The band took a break and never got together again until about 10 years later for a benefit show called "FAME ON A BUDGET TOUR".

82-84 Stranger: Rob-bass/vocals, Dave Thornton-guitar/vocals, Carla Benden-keyboard/vocals, Frank Coletta-vocals, Mark Devine-drums, Rick Butler-vocals replacing Frank Coletta. Rob joined this cover band for fun while Adreas was taking it's hiatus.

84-86 The Difference: Rob-bass/vocals, Carrie Mattson/Turkor-vocals/keyboards, Erol Turker-guitar/vocals, Paul Robie-keyboards/vocals, Mark Devine-drums. This band evolved from Stranger. Originally Dave Thornton was in the line-up. After Dave's departure the band remained a 4 piece until Paul Robie joined. The core members were the songwriting team, and their original "Grey Skies" got local radio play. Erol and Carrie Turkor moved to LA and still reside there as an active songwriting team. Paul Robie also moved to LA and is currently a producer.

86-88 The Famous Clowns: Rob-bass/vocals, Rick DiBello-vocals/guitar, Mark Devine-drums, Dave Waldroop-guitar. Playing originals written by Rick DiBello and obscure covers, The Clowns had various line-ups of musicians including Joe Salorino drums, Paul Robie-keyboards/vocals, Carrie Mattson/Turkor keyboards/vocals, John Drum-keyboards, Erol Turkor-guitar, Keith Veshecco-guitar/vocals, and Sal Clemente-guitar. The Clowns were the original back up band in 1988 for Dibello's Rock Opera Sammy with guest musicians Keith Veshecco-mandolin/tape loops, Tim Popotnik-keyboards, and Phil Popotnik-saxophone/flute. The recent production of Sammy in 2002 included several musicians and a cast of dancers. Rick DiBello-vocals/guitar solo, Keith Veshecco-guitar/mandolin/vocals, Mike Ohm-guitar/guitar synth, Joe Salorino-drums, Alan Chaffee-drums, Brenda Trevethan-clarinet/flute, Kevin McCleary-flute/saxophone, and Rob on bass/vocals. Christine Volk provided additional back up vocals. The Dancers were Alethea Bodine, Kate McDevitt, Sue Martin, Krista Perry Lamb, Gina Rullo, Lara Snavely, and Lani Fand Weissbach.

88-90 Underground System: Rob-bass/vocals, Ernie Reilly-vocals, Dave Waldroop-guitar, Bob Kuhn-drums

90-94 Various projects started and maybe only played a couple times. In 1994 Rob was running sound for the band Magoon taking Ken Walters' place as Ken became the new lead guitarist for the band. Rob also played bass for Magoon's New York City shows.

95 The Nobodys: Rob-bass/vocals, Harry Houle-guitar/vocals. Ken Walters-guitar/vocals. Mark Devine-drums. The original line-up was Chris Coletta-guitar/vocals, Bill Mattis-drums, and Harry Houle-guitar/vocals

94-96 Treebirds: Rob-bass, John Stratton-vocals/harmonica/sax/slide Harry (Skip Lunch) Lardner-guitar Bob (Bobomatic) Wachter-drums

94-present Antyx: Rob-bass/guitar/vocals, Tony Flaminio-guitar/vocals, Harry Houle-guitar/vocals, Rex Rathbun-drums (Replacing Henry Randazzo)

99-04 Coyote Joe: Rob-bass/vocals, Bret Austin-vocals/acoustic guitar, Tony Flaminio-guitar/vocals, Rex Rathbun-drums, Jim "Z" Zajic-guitar, mandolin, violin, pedal steel, percussion

03-present Solo Acoustic

04-05 The Rob Vance Band: Rob-vocals/guitars, Steph Stanford-drums/vocals, Jack Gilbert-saxophone/vocals, Don Holdsworth-Bass, Rob was on lead vocals and guitar with this band

04-05 RidgeRunners: Rob-bass/vocals, Tony Flaminio-guitar/vocals, Harry Houle-guitar/vocals, Rex Rathbun-drums, Dave Kuzamano-keyboards/vocals

04-05 Descriptive Claim: Rob-bass/vocals, Mark Graziano-vocals/guitar, Katie Kurpiewski-vocals/keyboard/guitar, Doug Melvin-guitar, Frank Strumila-drums

05-07 Easy Street: Rob-vocals/bass, Selleena Spellman-vocals, Steph Stanford-drums/vocals, Ken Walters-guitar/vocals

07-present Rob Vance and Suzi B: Acoustic Duo Rob-vocals/acoustic guitar, Suzi B-vocals/piano/percussion

09-12 Acoustic Gypsys: Acoustic Trio Rob-vocals/acoustic guitar, Amy "Shally" Shallenberger-vocals/acoustic guitar, Mike Lotz-vocals/bass/keyboards

09-12 Rob & Shally: Acoustic Duo Rob-vocals/acoustic guitar, Amy "Shally" Shallenberger-vocals/acoustic guitar

09-11 Jack The Dog: Rob guitar/vocals, Jesse James Spellman-guitar/vocals, Vince Gorski III-drums, Karl Lindboom-bass, Rob Williams-vocals

12-15 Easy Street: Rob-vocals/guitars/banjo, Katie Kurpiewski-vocals/acoustic guitar, Tony Flaminio-guitar/mandolin/dobro/fiddle/vocals, Steph Stanford-drums/vocals, Mike Bidwell-bass/vocals

12-15 Rob & Katie: Acoustic Duo Rob-vocals/acoustic guitar, Katie Kurpiewski-vocals/acoustic guitar

15-17 Urban Ranch: Rob-vocals/guitars, Rob Adams-guitar/vocals, Henry Randazzo-drums, Jesse Spellman-bass

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